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Matter compliant mui Board 2nd Gen.

Mui Board Gen. 2nd is a calm control hub for the home that looks like an unassuming block of wood—contributing to an easier and more pleasing lifestyle.

With the swipe of a hand, a digital display appears under the wood surface, giving you the freedom to send/receive messages, check the weather,  control Matter-enabled smart home devices (lighting, thermostats, etc.), and more. When not in use, the display disappears, leaving you with a beautifully crafted wooden board that recedes into the backround.

In contrast to the screens surrounding us and demanding our attention, the mui Board only appears when needed. The Board is a “calm” device, designed to create a relaxing and distraction-free environment, where you can enjoy quality time with your family. After the successful Kickstarter launch of our original product, the mui Board Gen 1, mui Lab now returns to Kickstarter with the the launch of mui Board Gen 2, a new and improved version that includes support for Matter, the new smart home standard. Matter compatibility allows users to integrate the mui Board into their homes with existing smart home ecosystems. 




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